Sales Process,

The Four Phases of the DesignAlign Sales Process

Phase I - The Initial prospective client meeting
  1. In this initial meeting, you will introduce yourself, your company, and your unique and special way of helping your client be more involved in creating their dream kitchen or bath… the DesignAlign way.  This can be done in person, over the phone, via email, or virtually.
  2. Next, you’ll need to set them up as a Contact in the DesignAlign platform and create the Opportunity.
  3. Once you have the prospective client entered into the system, you can export the “Homework” documents (through the Opportunity page) for them to gather the appropriate information to help you build out an accurate Investment Analysis.
  4. Of course, it is always an option to make an appointment with your client to visit their location and perform some of this preliminary assessment yourself.

Phase II - The Investment Analysis Meeting Preparation      
  1. After your prospective client has completed and submitted all of their Homework, you can upload these documents into the Opportunity.
  2. From here you can prepare the Investment and schedule an appointment with your prospective client for the Investment Analysis meeting.
    1. Eliminate irrelevant categories.
    2. Fine tune pricing per category and level.
    3. Modify the price level descriptions if necessary.
    4. Make sure your Retainer Agreement Fee is properly configured.
  3. Before this meeting, you may want to pre-configure some of the Investment Analysis Template to save your client and yourself some valuable time.
    1. This may also avoid getting side-tracked discussing categories that are not relevant to the project.

Phase III - The Investment Analysis Meeting
  1. When your prospect arrives, first confirm and/or clarify the information received in the homework.
  2. Open the Investment Analysis and go through each section one-by-one entering the quantities and choosing the quality/priority level of each category… all the while keeping an eye on the running totals.

Phase IV - Closing the Deal – Getting the Retainer Agreement and then…
  1. Once your prospect has found a comfortable investment range, the next step is to export a Retainer Agreement.
    1. This allows you to get a formal commitment and payment for your design services.
    2. Some kitchen and bath professionals offer to deduct the Retainer Agreement Fee from the project’s end total as an extra incentive to close the final deal.
  2. With the comfort of navigating this whole qualification process right along with you, your prospective client may want to sign right away, or they may need some time to get back to you.
  3. They said "Yes?" Congratulations!  Now that you have that signed Retainer Agreement and Retainer Fee, the next step is to explain your design process, set reasonable goals and expectations with your new client, and feel satisfied with the knowledge that your design efforts into this project will not be a loss, and your chances of closing the deal on the final build have gone in your favor.

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